Elena H.

I met with Mario at a time when my life was going well, but I still felt something was missing. After only one session, Mario helped me to discover what had plagued me most of my life. I had been stuck in an endless loop of indecision and doubt which kept me from completing tasks and pursuing my goals, even after reading endless self-help books for decades. During the session, I finally understood the true meaning of what it is to have a balanced life and how to achieve it. I’m now happier and living with balance every day.

I highly recommend Mario to anyone who wants to discover how to achieve their own balance in their life.

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Dorothee V.

Hallo liebe Linda, lieber Mario, ich möchte mich bei Euch von ganzem Herzen bedanken, dass Ihr mir nach meiner Diagnose mit Eurem fundierten Wissen die Hoffnung gegeben habt, dass man mit Ernährung, E

Dorota S.

Nach vier Operationen an unterschiedlichen Teilen meines Körpers sowie beginnender Menopause war meine allgemeiner Zustand sehr schlecht. Ich fühlte mich schwach und mir fehlte die sonst so gewohnte V

Rossy G.

My work with Mario has extended to all aspects of my life. I feel calmer and more aware of my needs, and I have a better, more balanced approach to the needs of others. With his intuitive nature, he h

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